Out (Spoken)

Hector (aka Lohan Addict) is an 18-year-old high school student who is crazy about making movies for an internet audience. He also happens to be openly gay. He uses his camera to bring attention to the difficulties and discrimination out gay teens like him face in school and the rest of the world. This video piece explores why he’s compelled to make media that tackles important social issues, despite the risks he faces from being so outspoken.

This piece was originally produced for Chicago Public Media.

All still images in this piece created and curated by Shauna Bittle.

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  1. yeah Robin!! this is great! very beautiful, vicariously empowering through showing the process of empowerment of one person. hooray!

  2. Thank you Jean! I’m glad you found it meaningful. I was very happy to hear that Hector’s friends found it “inspiring.” 🙂

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