This episode of Inside Out originally aired in the spring of 2001.

In this episode of Inside Out exploring the very human fascination with death, Anna Goldman and I reported on a laboratory promising to revive you after death, by freezing you in life. (We were so on the cryonics story before the whole Ted Williams thing.)

You’ll also hear stories about ritual Jewish burial preparation, a gorgeous portrait of a funeral home director produced before HBO’s Six Feet Under explored the same way of life, and an excerpt from Tim O’Brien’s classic Vietnam War novel, The Things They Carried.

Hosted by Nathan James. Executive Produced by Paul McCarthy with original music by Chris Bell. Contributors include Cassie Tharinger, Elana Berkowitz, Leanne Hegg, Danielle Posen, Molly Messick, Anna Goldman, Robin Amer, and Chris Muller.  Oversight by Beth Taylor.