Roller Girl by Shauna Bittle


I just received word that WBEZ’s morning show 848 will be airing an interview I did this coming Monday, February 22. Woo! It is scheduled to air during Segment 1, so tune in between 9:05 and 9:20am if you’d like to hear it.

The piece is an excerpt of an interview I did with “Him” and “Her”, an anonymous couple who used to have a LOT of debt. They used credit cards to buy expensive things they didn’t need, like $200 rocking chairs and new stereo speakers, and took out student loans to pay for college.

Seven years into their relationship they realized they had never really talked about money. So even though they had almost $160,000 worth of debt between them, neither one of them knew how bad it was. When they finally sat down to figure it out, Her was the first to reveal just how badly she was in the hole. It was not pretty.

Him and Her write about getting out of the hole at their relationship finance blog Make Love, Not Debt. I originally interviewed them back in April of 2008, before they were debt-free. I’ll post the full interview here Monday, after the piece has aired.


My second exciting piece of news is that I have found a most excellent documentary photographer to collaborate with on this portrait project.  Shauna Bittle is a super talented photographer who I first met when she photographed the Third Coast Festival awards ceremony this year.

What sealed the deal for me was seeing this fantastic multimedia piece about Midwestern tent revivals. I can’t wait to work with her. We’re doing one final shoot at the barbershop and the surrounding neighborhood next week. Then we’ll wrap on that, and start scheduling shoots for the next portrait, on high schooler, Vocalo user and gay rights activist, Lohan Addict.