The barbershop project continues. I’ve been back twice more now to shoot b-roll, take a lot of still shots (which I plan to “animate” and set to music) and to interview Bert. On Saturday I was joined by the awesome and talented Siri Bulusu, who I learned has a great eye for photography.  She also took some cool behind-the-scenes type candid shots of me filming. Here are some of them.

Bert is never without his blue tooth.

Barber Dan’s feet in the foreground. I learned that he’s been at Carter’s pretty much since the beginning, and came to Chicago from Greenville, Mississippi in 1954. Wow. Talk about old school.

This is Farah, age 30, who has been coming to the barbershop since he was 2 years old.  He boasted that percentage wise, he thinks he’s been coming here longer than anyone else. (A claim some of the other customers loudly contested.)

And here’s Siri, photographing Bert with a customer! Thanks Siri! You’re invaluable. And of course, thanks as always to Bert & co.