Inside Out: Names

name-tag1Originally broadcast Thursday Oct. 3, 2003. Full listing of Inside Out episodes here.

What’s in a name? In this episode we think about the this word (or words) that precede us everywhere we go. Hosted by Adeline Goss, with executive producer Anna Goldman. Contributors to this show include Robin Amer, Ali Budner, Anna Goldman, and Jenny Asarnow. Thanks to Beth Taylor.

In this episode:

Anna Goldman interviews her friend Mojo (yes, that’s his real name) about just what his parents were thinking, and how he deals with peoples’ expectations of him based on his name.

Robin Amer talks to Sarah McDermott about how she got her very much trademarked corporate nickname.

Ali Budner talks to Luke Woodward, formerly Ayesha, about what it was like to change his name when he also changed his gender.

Jenny Asarnow talks to Rebecca Subar about taking a name, and then leaving it behind.

Then, Ali’s twin sister Brooke Budner tells her about the time she convinced a group of strangers she was someone else all together.

Photo by Caro Scuro.

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