Stephen Redd


I made this sketch in collaboration with my friend and colleague Dan Weissmann, originally for  Dan met Stephen Redd in a bar in Chesterton, Indiana.  Stephen was one of those rare people who open up right away. He was frank, boastful, unapologetic about his life choices, and overall a totally memorable character. Photo by Kimblahg. (Note: I have never met Stephen Redd, so I have no idea what he looks like. But because his voice reminds me of Willie Nelson, I have always pictured him as something of a Willie look-alike. Also, I thought this picture captured something of Stephen’s jovial “I don’t give a f***” attitude.)

These pieces were recorded by Dan, and edited and mixed by Robin.

Stephen imparts some words of wisdom about what you take with you, and what you leave behind. (2:18)

Stephen explains the difference between being a drunk and being an alcoholic, and the difference your uncles can make. (2:56)

Lease these pieces through the Public Radio Exchance (PRX).

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    • Wow, Leslee, that’s so funny. What did you think of the piece? Your dad is quite the character. I really enjoyed hearing about his life.

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