Inside Out

Real stories from Rhode Island and beyond.

Inside Out skeleton“Real stories are hidden in the midst of every day life. Inside Out uncovers them.” With that tag-line, Inside Out was BSR’s flagship radio documentary program that ran from 2000-2004 and showcased some of the finest student made work around. The program was created by Paul McCarthy and shepherded by Beth Taylor, and helped establish Brown as a radio powerhouse known for cranking out first-rate producers. During its time on the air the program garnered attention from and The Third Coast International Audio Festival, and hosted guest critiques from Ira Glass, Jay Allison and Joe Richman.

Many of the producers who worked on Inside Out continue to make memorable radio even now, garnering awards from the Associated Press, Makers Quest 2.0, and the Society for Professional Journalists among others. Over time the staff and contributors included Rawaan Alkhatib, Robin Amer, John Arcici, Jenny Asarnow, Rebecca Birnbaum, Elana Berkowitz, Melissa Brough, Marshall Clement, Doug Fretty, Adeline Goss, Anna Goldman, Ian Gray, Bart Green, Megan Hall, Leanne Hegg,  Ian Henderson, Nathan James, Jessica Jewell, Jess Jones, Selena Juneau-Vogel, Rachel Katzman, Louisa Lombard, Alice Lovejoy, Paul McCarthy, Caroline McCaughey, Molly Messick, Rielle Navitski, Danielle Posen, Matt Puntigam, Cassie Tharinger, Rachel Terp, Dana Turken, Samm Tyroller-Cooper, Gabriel Wildau, Emily Witt, and Laura Vitale.

I am trying to put together a definitive archive of all existing Inside Out episodes. It’s a labor of love. Currently they’re scattered about, but I will post them here as I am able to collect them. I’ve tried to recreate a list of episodes and staff from memory, but I may have made significant mistakes or omissions, so don’t be afraid to let me know if you spot them. If you have copies of any of these episodes, or if you know of episodes I’ve inadvertently left out, please let me know!

Season 1 – Fall of 2000

Hosted by Nathan James with Executive Producer and creator Paul McCarthy.

Town and Gown

The Real Cachupa: Cape Verdeans in Rhode Island

Spook City


Season 2 – Spring of 2001

Hosted by Nathan James with Executive Producer Paul McCarthy.


The Rigors of Mortis

Modern Nomads

Personal Ads

Old School, New School: Life at the Met

Season 3 – Fall of 2001

Hosted by Molly Messick with Executive Producer Robin Amer.

Identity Crisis Parts 1 & 2




Season 4 – Spring of 2002

Hosted by Gabriel Wildau with Executive Producer Robin Amer.

Mall Pts 1 and 2



Season 5 – Fall of 2002

Hosted by Adeline Goss with Executive Producer Rachel Terp.

Public Space Pts 1 and 2


Season 6 Fall of 2003

Hosted by Adeline Goss with Executive Producer Anna Goldman.


Risk Parts 1 and 2


Season  7 – Spring of 2004

Hosted by Rielle Navitski with Executive Producer Adeline Goss.


Against the Grain

Invisible Source

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