A half-hour experiment in audio collage.

No Soap Radio was a weekly radio program broadcast on BSR in the spring of 2004. A collaboration between Robin Amer and Adeline Goss, the program was designed to showcase experimental and non-narrative sound art and radio pieces. The seven episodes featured work by both Robin and Addie but mostly showcased the work of artists they admired, woven together with unusual interstitial audio designed to highlight the main pieces.

Audio Collage

In the pilot episode of No Soap Radio we explore the idea of audio collage. Featuring pieces by Luke Fischbeck (Lucky Dragons), Sarah Kessler, Mat Greenleaf, and Arthur Gregg Sultzberger. Originally broadcast February 3, 2004.


Contributors to this show include Amy Chang, Jasper Speicher, Robin Amer, Erin Rosenthal, Luke Fischbeck (Lucky Dragons), Adeline Goss, a Tuvan throat singer, a field of tulips and a colorful assortment of accents. Originally broadcast February 17, 2004.

Truth Eater Theater Presents

Time Dies when You’re Fun Fun is a strange and touching audio play by Providence based collaborative Truth Eater Theater. Full of screeching cats, strange gods and talking trees. Originally performed in June 2003 on the Woonasquabadasstucket.  Originally broadcast March 3, 2004.

Places and Landscapes

Doors, Destinations and Arrivals. A bicycle’s voyage through Providence, a kickball field full of instruments, a pond full of ducks, and three million bats returning home, before they disappear into a hole in the ground. Featuring work by Robin Amer, Jenny Asarnow, Jasper Speicher, Manbeard, Leah Beeferman, and Jo Dery. Thanks to Free Matter for the Blind. Originally broadcast March 16, 2004.

Radio Plays

Three radio plays from the lighter side of the spectrum. Two plays by Joelle, Will and Sonny of Club Foot Radio Theater, and one by Ethan Hayes-Chute. Originally broadcast April 4, 2004.

Audio Hysteria

Featuring work by three of our favorite female audio artists: Anna Friz, Khaela Maricich (The Blow), and Laurie Anderson. We bring you the work of three amazing women working in the spaces between audio, narrative and performance. Originally broadcast April 20, 2004.

Hot Streaming Live

A special live finale. Mike Taylor tells the sober but hilarious story of how he found Jesus in his first kiss, only to be interrupted by the stylings of Jacob Berendes and many inexplicable noises. Originally broadcast May 5, 2004.