Listening to Chinatown

Chinatown Arch

This piece is a work in progress. I’m currently remixing it and rewriting the narration. Check back soon for updated audio.

When my friend Heather moved to Boston a few years ago she lived in an old five-story brick warehouse overlooking the Big Dig in Chinatown. On the floor below were the offices of the Fung Wah bus company (the famous Chinatown to Chinatown service), which hosted a Chinese opera group that practiced in the evenings. On the floor above Heather was an underground art space that held frequent noise-rock shows. These vastly different sonic cultures co-mingled in Heather’s space and filled her apartment with a strange, ghostly kind of music. With the help of the music she heard every day, Heather explores what it means to be connected to the place where you live, or not.

Music by the Que Shing Chinese Opera Group and Chris Corsano. Originally produced as a demo for Thanks to Heather Ring, Mona Lim and Caroline Chang of the Asian Community Development Corporation.  Above photo by Bill Ohl.

Categories: Audio Projects

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