Next stop, the toxic doughnut

Altgeld Gardens 1974 gas leakIn 1974, gas leaking from a nearby storage tank forced the residents of Altgeld Gardens from their homes.
(Sun-Times Media)

On Friday I published my first post for The Chicago Reader. You may have heard by now, but I was recently hired to be the Reader’s Deputy Editor for News. The position was described to me as one of “player/coach.” That means in addition to directing the news coverage for the paper, I’ll continue to report on the beats I’ve covered for more than a decade: urban planning, the built environment, development, real estate, transit, land use etc. Right now my interest is in environmental justice and land use as it’s playing out on Chicago’s Southeast Side. So expect to see more stories in that vein down the line.

I’m still working on my podcast pitch for the WNYC competition. The ONA conference is only a few weeks away! Which explains why I’m working on Labor Day.